Volume: 24

December 1996

Titile: Eccentrically Loaded Strip Footing on a Sand Layer Overlying a Rigid Smooth Base

Author: Md. Zoynul Abedin

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Titile: Nonlinear Finite Element Study of Shear Wall-Floor Slab Connections

Author: Md. Shafiul Bari

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File Size : 143.3KB

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Titile: Factors Affecting the Performance of Flood Control, Drainage and Irrigation Projects in Bangladesh: A Case Study

Author: Md. Mirjahan Miah, M. A. Mohit

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Titile: Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam under Uniform Loading

Author: Mohammad Abdur Rashid, Ahsanul Kabir

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File Size : 238.8KB

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Titile: Bay Effect on Period of Framed Buildings

Author: A.M.M. Taufiqul Anwar, Md. Zahid Hossain

File Type : pdf

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Titile: Pore Size Distribution and Hydraulic Conductivity of Digested Sludge Cake

Author: M.H. Rahman, D.H. Bache

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File Size : 247.8KB

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Titile: Comparison of Two- and Three-Dimensional Analysis of Moderately Sized Tall Buildings under Wind Loads

Author: Munaz Ahmed Noor, Salek M. Seraj

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Titile: Mechanism of Coagulation of Coloured Water with Aluminium Sulphate

Author: Md. Delwar Hossain

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Titile: A Risk-based Zoning of Storm Surge Prone Area of the Ganges Tidal Plain

Author: Jahir Uddin Chowdhury, Mohammed Fazlul Karim

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