Volume: 42

December 2014

Titile: Earthquake vulnerability assessment in schools and colleges of Tangail municipality

Author: Md. Rajib Hossain, Md. Sirajul Islam and Mehedi Ahmed Ansary

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Titile: An analytical model for single unit heavy truck rollover accidents in Bangladesh

Author: Shahnewaz Hasanat-E-Rabbi and Md. Shamsul Hoque

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Titile: Elasto-plastic constitutive model parameters and their application to bearing capacity estimation for Dhaka sub-soil

Author: Mohammad Shariful Islam, Hossain Md. Shahin, Suravi Banik and Fariha Azam

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File Size : 685.6KB

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Titile: Review of design codes for tension development length for reinforced concrete members

Author: M. M. Hoque, N. Islam, Mohammed and O. Faruk

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Titile: Numerical simulation of steel HSS columns strengthened using CFRP

Author: Urmi Devi and Khan Mahmud Amanat

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Titile: Numerical investigation of ultimate axial capacity of eccentrically loaded steel angles

Author: Iftesham Bashar and Khan Mahmud Amanat

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Titile: Applicability of chemical process in textile dye wastewater treatment

Author: Farooque Ahmed, Tajkia Syeed Tofa and Bishow Nath Saha

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