Volume: 26

June 1998

Titile: Air Travel Demand Model for Domestic Air Transportation in Bangladesh

Author: Md. Jobair Bin Alam, Dewan Masud Karim

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Titile: Prediction of Load-Deformation Behavior and Load Carrying Capacity of Piles in Sand

Author: Abdul Muqtadir, Jahangir Morshed

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Titile: Effect of Curing Conditions on Compressive Strength of Brick Aggregate Concrete

Author: Sohrabuddin Ahmad, A.F.M. Saiful Amin

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Titile: The Accident Problem in Rural Highways

Author: Md. Mazharul Hoque

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Titile: Residual Tidal and Sediment Volume their Circulation Patterns and Land Cover Changes in the Meghna Estuary

Author: Saifuddin Ahmed

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Titile: Exponent of Flow Velocity for the Transport of Sediments in Alluvial Rivers

Author: K.C. Dey, S. Mahmood, A. Matin

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