Volume: 40

December 2012

Titile: Cyclic behaviour of reinforced cement concrete composite beam made with polypropylene fiber

Author: S. Arivalagan

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Titile: An assessment of nominal and actual hourly production of crawler-type front shovel in construction project

Author: Hamed Nabizadeh Rafsanjani

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Titile: Pervious concrete using brick chips as coarse aggregate: An experimental study

Author: Tanvir Hossain, Md. Abdus Salam, Mohiuddin Abdul Kader

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File Size : 4573.6KB

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Titile: Characterization of arsenic leaching in paddy field soil

Author: Md. Shafiul Azam, Md. Shafiquzzaman and Jun Nakajima

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Titile: Mathematical modelling of tall buildings and its foundation under randomly fluctuating wind and earthquake ground motions

Author: Aly El-Kafrawy

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Titile: Use of selected silica deposits of Bangladesh as standard sand in testing compressive strength of hydraulic cement mortars: A proposal for strength correlation

Author: A.F.M.S. Amin, M.M. Haque, M.Z.R. Siddiqi, M.A. Rahman, M.S. Islam, A.A. Rana, M.M. Karim and M.K. A

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Titile: Effect of addition of treated coir fibres on the compression behaviour of clay

Author: R. K. Dutta, Vishwas Nandkishor Khatri and Gayathri Venkataraman

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Titile: Mix designing of asphalt concrete with Iterlene IN/400 and Sasobit as additives

Author: Md. Golam Masud and Pawan Karki

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Titile: Seismic response analysis of simple span concrete deck girder skewed bridge: effect of skew angles

Author: M.N. Haque and M.A.R. Bhuiyan

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