Volume: 30

December 2002

Titile: Proposal for A New Seismic Zoning Map for Bangladesh

Author: M.A. Ansary, M. Sharfuddin

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Titile: Socio-Economic Status and Travel Behaviour of Inter-City Bus Passengers: Bangladesh Perspective

Author: Hasib Mohammed Ahsan, Md. Mizanur Rahman, Khandker Md. Nurul Habib

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Titile: Effect of Baffle Blocks with a Sloping Front Face on the Length of the Jump

Author: Nabil Bessaih, Azua bt Abdul Rezak

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Titile: Coefficient Method of Analysis for Octagonal Slab

Author: B. Ahmed, S.R. Chowdhury

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Titile: Applicability of Alluvial Roughness Predictors for Ganges River

Author: Md. Shafiul Alam, Md. Abdul Halim

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Titile: Effects of Perfect Sampling Disturbance on Undrained Shear Properties of Normally Consolidated and Overconsolidated Dhaka Clay

Author: M. Mokhleshur Rahman, Abu Siddique

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