Volume: 31

June 2003

Titile: Cross-Shore Net Sediment Transport Change to Equilibrium: A Wave Tank Study

Author: M. Shah Alam Khan

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Titile: An Elasto-Plastic Footing Model for Circular Footings Resting on Carbonate Sand and Subjected to Inclined Load

Author: M. K. Islam, J. P. Carter, D. W. Airey

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Titile: Directional Dependency of Strength in Compacted Dhaka Clay

Author: Mohammad Shariful Islam, Eqramul Hoque

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Titile: A Simple Model to Simulate the Deformation-Time History Observed in a One-Dimensional Consolidation Test on a Clay Soil

Author: S.J.M. Yasin, M. Habibullah

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Titile: An Apparatus for Testing Soil Decontamination by the CEHIXM Process

Author: M.A. Karim, Lutful I. Khan

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Titile: Effect of Overlay on Punching Shear Capacity of Slabs

Author: Arpana Rani Datta, Salek M. Seraj

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Titile: A Design Rationale for Circular Silos based on Finite Element Analysis

Author: Sohrabuddin Ahmad, Md. Alauddin, Zia Wadud

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