Volume: 45

December 2017

Titile: Behavioral compression of polyolfin-aramid fiberand glass fiber on flexural strength of LECAconcrete

Author: Nima Amani, Ardalan Sabamehr and Hossein Tayebi

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Titile: Assessment of rammed earth as external cladding for thermal comfort and energy consumption of a low cost house in Bangladesh

Author: Jaher Wasim and A. K. M. Hasan Julker Nine

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Titile: Determination overloading permit fee/fine forIndian scenario

Author: S. K. Bagui and A. Ghosh

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Titile: Evaluation of the implementation of SOD for someaffected upazilas of Bangladesh during the 2009cyclone Aila

Author: Md. Sadequr Rahaman, Md. Younus Mia, Mehedi Ahmed Ansary and Niger Sultana

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Titile: Performance evaluation of brewery biologicalwastewater treatment plant - a case study

Author: Mahesh Kothiyal and G. N. Semwal

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Titile: Influence of different operational and water quality parameters on the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection efficiencies in household or community based water storage units used in small water supply systems

Author: Md. Kabir Uddin Sikder, Mahbuboor Rahman Choudhury and Muhammad Ashraf Ali

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