Volume: 27

December 1999

Titile: Comparative Study of Conventional Regular and Box Shape Concrete Pavements using Finite Element Technique

Author: M. Hossain, A. M. Hoque, A. Muqtadir

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Titile: An Automated Triaxial System for Stress and Strain Path Testing of Soils

Author: Abu Siddique, C.R.I. Clayton, S.A. Khatrush, R.J. Hopper

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File Size : 205.9KB

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Titile: Stress-Path Dependent Behaviour of Micaceous Sand

Author: M. Bokhtair, A. Muqtadir, M. H. Ali

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Titile: Comparison of Mechanical Properties and Durability of Mortar Modified by Silica Fume and Finely Ground Blast Furnace Slag

Author: Shaikh Faiz Uddin Ahmed, Yoshihiko Ohama, Katsunori Demura

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File Size : 154.5KB

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Titile: Intrinsic Compressibility, Strength Properties and Some Strength Models for Dhaka Clay

Author: M. Kamal Uddin

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Titile: Spacing of Straight Spurs in Series

Author: Syed Abdus Sobhan, Swapan Kumar Das

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Titile: Bioseparation of Lead (II) Ions from Wastewater by using a Fungus p. Ostreatus

Author: M. S. Osman, M. Bandyopadhyay

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