Volume: 29

December 2001

Titile: Station Domain and GIS in Traffic Demand Forecasting for Urban Railway Planning

Author: Hasib Mohammed Ahsan

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Titile: Deflection of Semi-Rigidly Connected Beams

Author: B. Ahmed

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Titile: Groundwater Contamination in Dhaka City from Tannery Waste

Author: Ganesh Chandra Saha, M. Ashraf Ali

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Titile: Characterization of Uplifted Pleistocene Deposits in Dhaka City

Author: M. Serajuddin, M.A. Hai , M. Jaglul Hossain, M. Moinul Islam

File Type : pdf

File Size : 339.3KB

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Titile: Macroscopic Model for Planning and Management of Domestic Air Transport in Bangladesh

Author: Md. Jobair Bin Alam, Dewan Masud Karim, Alamgir M. Hoque

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Titile: A Simple Model to Estimate Left-Turn, Same-Direction, Rear-End Traffic Conflicts at Unsignalized Intersections on Rural Highways

Author: Tanweer Hasan

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Titile: A Land Use-Transport Model: The Structure and Applications

Author: Hasib Mohammed Ahsan, Hideo Nakamura, Takayuki Ueda

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