Volume: 47

December 2019

Titile: Effect of using low density poly ethylene modifier on engineering properties of bituminous binder

Author: Md. Shamsul Hoque, Md. Shafikul Islam and Md. Asif Imran

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Titile: Development of a noise insulating cover for selected sewing machine used in garments section

Author: Hamamah Sadiqa, M. Al-Amin and Md. Showkat Osman

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Titile: The study of special geological environment conditions in the design of supporting structures for large and unusually shaped foundation pits

Author: Shulan Guo, Changhong Yan and Liangchen Yu

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Titile: Assessment on the effect of transit priority strategies on travel time delay at signalized road network having mixed traffic

Author: Sk. Md. Mashrur, Md. Hadiuzzaman, Bijoy Saha, Md. Mizanur Rahman and Meraj Rubaiyat Kamal

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File Size : 479.2KB

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Titile: Strengthening of RC beams using NSM rebars combined with and without ferrocement jacket

Author: Mohammad Nurul Mobin, Mohammad Abdul Kader and Md. Mozammel Hoque

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File Size : 1544.7KB

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Titile: Effects of aggregate and cement types on mechanical properties and carbonation of concrete

Author: Md. Tarek Uddin and Md. Megbah Uddin Masud

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File Size : 1288.1KB

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Titile: Prediction of short- and long-term deflections of reinforced concrete flat plates using artificial neural network

Author: Tahsin Reza Hossain, Salah Uddin Ahmed and Md. Saiful Alam siddiquee

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