Volume: 29

June 2001

Titile: Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular and Skew Slabs

Author: Sk. Md. Nizamud-Doulah, Ahsanul Kabir

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Titile: A New Design Basis for Free-Standing Stairs

Author: Khan M. Amanat, Sohrabuddin Ahmad

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File Size : 188.7KB

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Titile: Experimental Set-Up for Testing Mechanical Properties of Soft Material

Author: Swapan Kumar Palit, M. Mazumdar

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File Size : 86.8KB

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Titile: Durability of Concrete in Coastal Areas of Bangladesh

Author: Shamim Z. Bosunia, J.R. Choudhury

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File Size : 152.8KB

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Titile: Traffic Induced Noise Pollution in Dhaka City

Author: Md. Jobair Bin Alam, A.F.M.A. Rauf, M.F. Ahmed

File Type : pdf

File Size : 94.0KB

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Titile: Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of a Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dam due to Variable Thermal Loads

Author: Ashna Nehrin, Koichi Fujii

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File Size : 277.1KB

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Titile: Dynamic Pile Testing and its Correlation with Static Load Test

Author: M. Kamal Uddin, Krai Tungsanga

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File Size : 155.8KB

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Titile: A Strength Model for Concrete Confined with Composite Fabrics

Author: Saleh H. Alsayed, Yousef A. Al-Salloum, Tarek H. Almussalam, Mohammed Zakaria Ahmed

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File Size : 146.5KB

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Titile: Experimental Behaviour of Bituminous Macadam Mixes with Brick Aggregate

Author: M.A. Sobhan, M. Zakaria

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