Volume: 26

December 1998

Titile: Some Geotechnical Studies on Bangladesh Soils : A Summary of Papers Between 1957 - 96

Author: M. Serajuddin

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Titile: Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater in North-Eastern Bangladesh

Author: A. B. M. Badruzzaman, M. Farooque Ahmed, Md. Delwar Hossain, Md. Abdul Jalil, M. Ashraf Ali

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File Size : 143.8KB

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Titile: Live Load Reduction in the Design of High-Rise Buildings

Author: S. Bari, M.Z. Ahmed

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Titile: Growth Potentials of A Pre-Mature Megacity: An Event of Grim Portent

Author: M. Shahidul Ameen

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File Size : 282.2KB

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Titile: Heating Effects of Pavement on Urban Thermal Environment

Author: Muhammad Abu Eusuf, Takashi Asaeda

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Titile: Optimization of Sediment Measurements in a Braided River

Author: S. Mahood, K.C. Dey

File Type : pdf

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