Volume: 38

June 2010

Titile: Establishing optimal pavement maintenance standards using the HDM-4 Model for Bangladesh

Author: Misbah Uddin Khan, Jennaro B. Odoki

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Titile: Motorist understanding of traffic signs: a study in Dhaka city

Author: Abdur Razzak and Tanweer Hasan

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Titile: Steel fiber reinforced concrete beams under combined torsion-bending-shear

Author: S. Pant Avinash, R. Suresh Parekar

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Titile: An assessment of local scour at floodplain and main channel of compound channel section

Author: Debjit Roy and M. Abdul Matin

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Titile: Numerical modeling of bed level changes of alluvial river

Author: Md. Ataur Rahman and Md. Abdul Matin

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Titile: Earthquake induced liquefaction vulnerability of reclaimed areas of Dhaka

Author: Mohammad Shariful Islam, Md. Tanvir Hossain, Syed Fakhrul Ameen, Eqramul Hoque and Selim Ahamed

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Titile: Fracture toughness of plain concrete specimens made with industry-burnt brick aggregates

Author: M. R. Alam, M. A. K. Azad and M. A. Kadir

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