Volume: 39

June 2011

Titile: Local scour around submerged bell mouth groin for different orientations

Author: Md. Jahir Uddin, Md. Monowar Hossain and Md. Shahjahan Ali

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Titile: Multi-objective reliability based design of water distribution system

Author: R. Suja, N. Deepthi and J. Letha

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File Size : 339.1KB

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Titile: Structural strengthening of RC beams externally bonded with different CFRP laminates configurations

Author: Habibur Rahman Sobuz, Ehsan Ahmed, Md. Alhaz Uddin, Noor Md. Sadiqu Hasanand M. J. Uddin

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File Size : 765.9KB

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Titile: Fiber reinforced polymers for structural retrofitting: A review

Author: Priyanka Sarker, Mahbuba Begum and Sabreena Nasrin

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Titile: Effect of span length on the dynamic amplification factor in the deck of concrete box girder bridges

Author: Kazi Ashfaq Hossain and Khan Mahmud Amanat

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File Size : 1639.2KB

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Titile: An investigation on the effects of bleaching powder with dyeing industries’ effluents

Author: M. A. Hannan, M. A. Rahman and M. F. Haque

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Titile: Performance evaluation of polypropylene fibers on sand-fly ash mixtures in highways

Author: H.S. Chore, A.A. Kumthe, S.B. Abnave, S.S. Shinde, S.S. Dhole and S.G. Kamerkar

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