Volume: 34

December 2006

Titile: Leaching characteristics of solid waste at an urban solid waste dumping site

Author: Rowshan Mamtaz, Md. Hasan Chowdhury

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Titile: Use of hydrochemistry and stable isotope techniques in investigating seepage/leakage in Gumti flood dyke, Comilla

Author: Nasir Ahmed, Bill G. Wallin, Ratan K. Majumder

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Titile: Development of an expansion transition in open channel sub critical flow

Author: Mohammed Alauddin, B.C. Basak

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Titile: Shear stress for initiation of motion of median sized sediment of no uniform sediment mixtures

Author: Liton Kumar Sarker, M. Monowar Hossain

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Titile: Modeling Australian road transport emissions till 2025

Author: Zia Wadud, Lu Aye, Tom Beer, Harry C Watson

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Titile: Prediction of siltation in Kaptai reservoir

Author: M. Shahidullah , M. Abdul Matin

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