Volume: 41

June 2013

Titile: Investigation on erosion of Kuakata sea beach and its protection design by artificial beach nourishment

Author: Md. Ataur Rahman, Manik Chandra Mitra and Aysha Akter

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Titile: Experimental study of reservoir entrance angle and hydraulic-sediment properties on rate of delta progression

Author: J. Mamizadeh

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Titile: Assessing effect of climate change on the water quality of the Sitalakhya river using WASP model

Author: Md. Akramul Alam, A.B.M. Badruzzaman, M. Ashraf Ali

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File Size : 270.0KB

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Titile: Investigation of pile- soil interaction subjected to lateral loads in layered sandy soils

Author: S. M. Helal Uddin, Md. Nurul Islam and Md. Rezaul Karim

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File Size : 152.7KB

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Titile: An experimental study on settling velocity of regular shaped elements for underwater erosion protection

Author: K. M. Ahtesham Hossain Raju and Md. Abdul Matin

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Titile: Modified Bolomey equation for the design of concrete

Author: M. C. Nataraja and M. C. Sanjay

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Titile: A rational estimation of earthquake base shear for buildings with soft ground floor

Author: R. Tasmim and K. M. Amanat

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