Volume: 24

June 1996

Titile: Formation of Shear Band In Plane Strain Compression Test

Author: M.S.A. Siddiquee, T. Tanaka, F. Tatsuoka

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Titile: Regime Approach for Predicting the Alluvial Channel Geometry

Author: M.A. Matin

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File Size : 166.1KB

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Titile: Observation of Microtremor using Array at Hualien Large scale Seismic Test Site, Taiwan

Author: M.A. Ansary, F. Yamazaki, T. Katayama

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Titile: Bed Shear Stress for Sediment Transportation in the River Jamuna

Author: M.R. Kabir, Nasir Ahmed

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Titile: Correlation between standard penetration resistance and unconfined compressive strength of Bangladesh cohesive deposits

Author: M. Serajuddin and M. A. Alim Chowdhury

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Titile: Pollution Assimilation Capacity of Buriganga River

Author: Mohammad Rezaur Rahman, Md. Yunus Rana

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Titile: Strain induced Anisotropy in the Small Strain Stiffness of Granular Materials

Author: E. Hoque, F. Tatsuoka, S. Teachavorasinskun

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Titile: Some Issues on Irrigation Development in the Monu River Project

Author: Abul Fazal M. Saleh

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