Volume: 30

June 2002

Titile: Causes of Cracking of Culverts on Filled Soil and their Performance after Repair

Author: B. Ahmed, K.M. Amanat, A.M.M. Safiullah, J.R. Choudhury

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Titile: Traffic Safety in Dhaka City: Key Issues and Countermeasures

Author: Hasib Mohammed Ahsan, Mohammed Mazharul Hoque

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File Size : 129.7KB

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Titile: Three Dimensional Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Offshore Circular Foundations Resting on Carbonate Sands and subjected to Inclined Loads

Author: M.K. Islam, J.P. Carter, D.W. Aire

File Type : pdf

File Size : 193.2KB

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Titile: Gravity Models for Estimating Inter-District Passenger and Commodity Trips

Author: Tanweer Hasan, Alamgir Mojibul Hoque

File Type : pdf

File Size : 142.0KB

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Titile: Mechanical Properties of a Cement Stabilised Coastal Soil for use in Road Construction

Author: Abu Siddique, Bipradas Rajbongshi

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Titile: Characterization and Drift Minimization of Tall Building Frames

Author: Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Md. Kamruzzaman

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