Volume: 28

December 2000

Titile: An Analytical Study of Meghna-Gumti Bridge

Author: Md. Nazrul lslam, Alamgir Habib

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Titile: EDTA-Enhanced Electrokinetic extraction of Pb (II) and Zn(II) from Millpond Sludge

Author: M.A. Karim

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Titile: Water Use Efficiency of Thabua Irrigation Project, Thailand

Author: M.A. Razzaque Akanda, Rainer Loof, M.M. Islam

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Titile: Local Scour Around Bridge Piers under the Action of Various Wave-Current Combinations

Author: Md. Akhtaruzzaman Sarker, Noraieni Hj. Mokhter, Faridah Jafar Sidek

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File Size : 113.1KB

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Titile: Effect of Mica Content on Stress-Deformation Behaviour of Micaceous Sand

Author: M. Bokhtair, A. Muqtadir, M. H. Ali

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Titile: Engineering Properties of and a Conceptual Model for Lime Treated Clay

Author: M. Kamal Uddin, B. R. Buensuceso

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Titile: Estimating Evaporation from Lake Nawasha Kenya, using Remotely Sensed Landsat Thematic Mapper (TNI) Spectral Data

Author: Ashfaque Ahmed, W.G. M. Bastiaanssen

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Titile: Construction Industry of Bangladesh

Author: A.Q.M. Ekram Ullah

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