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Titile: Using a broad crested sill to control hydraulic jump in a triangular channel

Author: Hossein Hamidifarand Mohammad Hossein Omid

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Titile: Gas transport and scale effect on gas transport parameters in differently textured porous media

Author: Md. Abdur Rouf

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Titile: Seismic investigation of un-reinforced masonry buildings rehabilitated by pipe bracing system

Author: Mussa Mahmoudi and Farshid Ebadi

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Titile: Numerical simulation of dead zone flows in an open channel with a side cavity and sudden enlargement

Author: Md. Shahjahan Ali, Tanziha Mahjabin and Sadia Jahan Ria

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Titile: Finite element investigation on load carrying capacity of corroded RC beam based on bond-slip

Author: Yang Xiaoming and Zhu Hongqiang

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Titile: Pervious concrete using brick chips as coarse aggregate: an experimental study

Author: Tanvir Hossain, Md. Abdus Salam, Mohiuddin Abdul Kader

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