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Titile: Site amplification characteristics of Dhaka city

Author: M. A. Ansary, M. A. Noor and M. A. Rashid

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Titile: Design basis and economic aspects of different types of retaining walls

Author: A. J. Khan and M. Sikder

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Titile: Fire hazard categorization and risk assessment for Dhaka city in GIS framework

Author: Md. Jobair B. Alam and George N. Baroi

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Titile: Shaping up of urban transport system of a developing metropolis in absence of proper management setup: the case of Dhaka

Author: M. Hossain

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Titile: Effect of iron on the performance of activated alumina bed in removing arsenic from groundwater

Author: Muhammad Azizul Hoque, M.A. Jalil and Farooque Ahmed

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Titile: Use of brick dust in concrete as mineral admixture and partial replacement of cement

Author: M. Kamal Uddin

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Titile: Assessment of health effects due to incremental PM10, NO2 and SO2 exposure

Author: Law Puong Ling and Ngu Lock Hei

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